I know there is a lot of controversy now about the new drops from "Q" being real or not. Trust me the anons are kicking this one back and forth. If I were to guess it is a pretty even split on pro and against. Both sides make great arguments.

The funny thing really is they are creating the confusion they fight against, but thats typical with anons. Nothing new there.

Myself? Im pro, I do think it is Q. Then again I have nothing to lose to play the wait and see game. Any Q person worth their anon salt knows the name of the game when it comes to Q is PATIENCE. A very difficult lesson for many to grasp and learn, yet proven to be right time and time again. Fortunately for me, that is one of better tools that came with my package when I arrived on this crazy ship called Earth! Or maybe it came from being an only child and grounded a lot! Who knows.

The good news is I think you guys know that if Im wrong Im wrong and will be the first to say so. Time will tell on this one.

Anyhow, for those of you that do understand the 8 and the anons and what goes on, this below has been tossed into the ring for the Pro Q. A very valid point made and thought I would share it because I always like to look at the positive side!


The ban page on 8kun does indeed show that the B post was removed and blocked from projectdcomms by the actual board owner 2 days ago.

Assuming the ban page hasn't been messed with, that means whoever removed the post did it with Q's password.

Assuming Q was smart enough to have separate passwords for his tripcode and his private board that would mean,

that any potential hacker would have to crack two separate passwords in order to pretend to be Q.





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  •  I didn't know you were an only child YIG. So am I. And great minds think alike. It sounds like Q to me. The timing is perfect.

    What cracks me up is that people think tthey are going to get solid answers from Q. Timelines, plans, exposures.

    Like Q would broadcast real info that the enemy could just read. Just cracks me up.

  • Things are moving along & the Tide has Turned!!!  Who cares about the semantics?!!

    We KNOW The Light Side is slowly shutting out the Dark Side....Hip! Hip! Hoorah!!!

    Don't know if any of you follow Phil G., but as a Grandma, I find him quite genuine & I have to say....each of us has gone through our Stuff in our younger years, so I find him to be a valid "source"!  Whatever, we each have to use our own Personal Discernment where anything is concerned, right?!  

    I find it interesting that Ewaranon has dropped the Tartaria Theory because of the Cathedral he visited in Liverpool!!  As I say, each of us is on our own Personal Journey & we each find things out as we go along, don't we?!!  That is the purpose of our time here on Earth....a quick stop on our Eternal Sovereign Journey to learn a few things & grow our souls!!

    • Well said. I had just recently heard of the Tartaria theory. Interesting but there is so much happening right now just about everything is a orchestrated distraction.(and my little brain can only hold so much)

      Trying to keep my vibration high and send out blessings to humanity and urging them to wake up. I send appeals to the various councils of light to bring the truth out about the 3 V's. (for a start)

      BTW who is Phil G.? (I'm a Grandma too) so I am curious.


      The Virus

      The Vaccine

      The Vote

    • Phil Godlewski is someone "new" on The Scene.  He is one of those highly ingelligent young people who was "tapped" to do a certain job.  He came through a hard time about a year ago & now wants to contribute.

      He has a "source" who seems to be very close to The Top.  Phil, himself, worked on Looking Glass & even got to sit in it one time!!  Apparently, it is no longer we seem to be moving out The Other Side now!!  

      Thanks to The YIG for all she has contributed to The Light Side!!!

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