Time to debunk the debunking talking points because the list is 2.5 years old, not changed, and why not?

(A HT Post from my favorite COM!)

Q is a larp:

Life is a larp, but be that as it may Q is real, nearly 4600 posts and far more DJT tweets demonstrate that something is in fact going on but what depends on POV. Direct Replies to posts here and in other places prove that Q not only scans everything on the net, but has the capability to match (in our case) Time Stamps, Date Stamps and DJT Tweets DIRECTLY to Q drops - at will! This shows a level of sophistication beyond mom's basement. Mircropamphletnanonykids have no ability to post a DJT tweet, especially not one tied directly to this thread, let alone scan all tweets+, all DOJ docs+, all pics+ etc.

Q Predicts nothing, failed predictions:

At FIRST most folks thought Q was speaking in linear time. BUT, and it is a... HUGE ...but, Q kept saying several things: Build the Map, News Unlocks, Future Proves Past. What that meant at the time of the debunking talking points creation was unknown. We now know that The Map is ALL posts and that posts can be divided by words and sentences and even "[ ]" and can be tied to DJT tweets and news itself. All things not known at the time of the debunking point creation but are now understood.

Q keeps moving the goal posts:

God do I hate this trope (is it football or soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey???). No, Q is working to illuminate and give as much information as possible and gypsy style predictions was not a goal - ever. If folks FAIL to decode correctly, or agree on a decode, that is not Q's failure! At first many didn't get the decodes, timestamps, dates, drop numbers etc. Q has proven to "predict" (whatever that means) a lot of events and dates with the correct decode process Future has Proved Past - too many times to bother with.

Q isn't speaking English for dummies, why not if he's so great? Not worth bothering with.

Q is cult. Not worth bothering with, this is akin to just name calling which should be beneath anyone.

Q is a conspiracy theory (www.wakingtimes.com...):

The C_A invented the term, and the process of creating talking points to debunk those who questioned the JFK ritual murder story. So using the term, the process, and all is negated by the origins alone. The term/technique was born from fear of truth exposure so applying to a movement like Q reinforces the C_A's point entirely! (apply to "climate denier" "birther" "anti vaxxer" etc.)

Q isn't a high level agency it is a kid in a basement:

Absurd on its face. If the NSA or any other agency thought this, said kid would be in gitmo, as it would be seen as a threat to national security. Even more, the connections between "assumed" Q folks and 8kun suggest symbiosis, as removing 8 removes Q and it hasn't happened and the C_A assassinates that which does not serve it. Lastly annonykid does NOT control DJT's words, hand movements or tweets.

Q is a marketing thing to get DJT reelected:

Donald Trump said "do you know what this is, it is the calm before the storm?" Then made a Q sign with his hand. Date: October 5, 2017, three weeks before Q dropped the first post (www.youtube.com...). There is enough documented that 17, Q+, Q and more were conceived together to get DJT elected in the first place, subsequent to he has been careful to give hints to anons but little more: Qbaby, AirQ, Tippy Top etc. Either way, it is a byproduct, one cannot happen without the other. Q isn't a Merkel, Macron, Xi thing, it's a DJT thing.

Q doesn't matter, who cares what you all think: Name calling is rather Antifa territory or Tokyo Rose stuff.

Q is wrong all the time:

At the time this debunking point nothing had happened at all. Be that as it may, it was created when folks were unclear about the linear nature of Q drops and how the related to asymmetric war. It has been demonstrated that Q drops are a mix of information, disinformation and misinformation - disinformation is necessary. Q decoders have disinfo'd a lot which of course freaks the enemy out, but Q has dropped enough accurate drops to make them read. It is pretty clear from open source that D5 fear triggered Bush's demise and probably lots of hidden stuff. Further, this debunking point is FULLY CONTINGENT on "debunkers" using Anon decodes in the first place - if it is all a larp, then the decodes are used toilet paper and cannot be used to "prove" failures. (deconstruction works both ways)

Q just has people looking at things already known:

Nonsense on its face. I'm as well versed on most of this stuff and even I have seen connections made that were amazing. Many people are entirely knew to Satanism, Child Sacrifice, Clinton Foundation Haiti Hell, Slush Funds, PP Body Parts sale, and even Treason etc. Most in fact, and "knowing about" and seeing how it works in our world are different. Q folks now read government reports & releases, laws/bills and who's connected to what in ways never done before and share it all.

Q isn't a super hero: Yes. Right on this.

Q is so great, "then how come...?" Asinine debunking point as the "presumption" is flawed. Also "how come..." is just plain nonsense and is as bad as "prove it."

Q isn't going to save anything. Yes. Right on this. We are. Q is one part.

Saving Q folks from the prophet of Q is funny also pretending to occupy the intellectually superior position while literally speaking debunking talking points is funny. Use of "prove it" is problem here as one uses "Q proofs" (as they are called) to prove, then debunkers say it isn't a valid way of proving, which is like saying using math is an invalid way of proving an equation. Besides, they never define what system of "proof" they are using for their logic. The "prove it" is for lazy people anyway, as nothing is actually provable.

Lastly and most importantly. If Q was a larp, a lie, a fake out, the CIA, C_A, NSA, FBI, JSOC, and many other "agencies" would not be lurking in all Q arenas - and they are. That's a waste of resources that they can ill afford to waste. We know from folks here that info dug up on this thread alone has been used in cases. We know from several deep anons that information dug up all over is pieced together and helps White Hats all over connect dots and clarify things - what Solid Intelligence Agent would ignore all this if it helped them? If one is still confused on this, Nellie cum Nelly Ohr, used almost ENTIRELY open source stuff in her part of the railroading of DJT. Information collation, the Digital Army is mentioned by Flynn and Rodgers themselves as a thing - Hi Guys!

I'll leave out all the esoteric aspects from the debunking points as those still flogging these 2.5 year old debunking points wouldn't understand it anyway. But I will say, the multilayered + Symbolic + Math + Imagery + Code nature of the Qdrops has exposed tens of millions to non linear thinking/communication as the original communication system. Most connected to Q were starting from scratch on that but are forming new ways of thinking which is really Q-uantum Learning. Q intended all of that to be in the drops and far MORE and the debunking points failed to see that coming.

The debunking points have NOT been updated at all, as such we can assume a great many things. Think about that, the same debunking points 2.5 years later? Really, meditate on why the debunking points haven't evolved? Neither have the hit pieces.


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  • Maybe this is the most Amazing Military Op in recorded history???  Simon came out recently & stated that Our Man was not chosen by anyone on this Earth & that jibes with him saying, while pointing to the sky...."I am the Chosen One"......who knows what, exactly that mens??!!!!

    Did anyone else catch a phrase he dropped at the Mt. Rushmore address??  That this group has been controlling Earth for THOUSANDS of years???  I would guess that the average person didn't even "catch" this??!!!  We have been SO dumbed down for so many centuries, it is taking a lot to wake peoplel up!!

    It was a sad day when I realized that religions had played a BIG part in this dumbing down!!  My Dad was a Baptist Minister, so I know what I'm talking about!!  BILLY CARSON does a great expose on this while giving a tour of his home showing all the Ancient Writings he has collected & read!!  

    My point, exactly.....we need to read & accept ALL Ancient Writings, not just this 66 books we have been given with a tag on it saying it is THE Word of God.  Muslims say the same thing about their Book.....so what we have is a war of books...right???!!!  Anything to divide us!!

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