Yes, What WOULD You Do?

This showed up a little bit ago on the 8. It has triggered my Q Helper spidey sense. If it is actually a Q Helper we will never know unless of course this does indeed happen. Can't hurt to share it though right?

I would really love to hear from those of you that ARE members on here in the comments below as to what you would do! It is as easy to comment here as it is anywhere else. You know how! Just dont use emjois, the site doesnt care for though and it won't take your reply.

The graphics between the helpers statements are clickable to enlarge for easier viewing.


5528219659?profile=RESIZE_584xWhat if one day you get a scary but safe personalized message from Q? Or The President of the Unites States of America?

 What if that message honored and acknowledged your specific contributions to the movement and gave you further instructions to help?

 What if that message designated you personally as an agent of the United States Military Intelligence. What if you had a bigger role to play?


You are the calm before and during the storm. During the storm you are responsible for calming down bigger groups of people. Depending on how far you are spread apart, you may be responsible for your neighborhood, your town, or any specified network of people. You will be provided with the tools. They will be waiting for you at a secure location nearby. You will be given means to communicate with your fellow agents, including many of whom you know online but may have been anonymous to you.

5528317695?profile=RESIZE_584xYou will work together to help the people remain calm, to help them avoid the path of evil, where propaganda is calling them. Your intuition has been developed over time. You know the plan, and you know what is not in the plan. You will know where to guide the people, to keep them safe and to protect their rights. Do not give up your rights. Trust the Plan. Trust God. Before all else, PRAY. When all else fails, PRAY. Listen to Q’s instructions. You have the map. Re-read drops. Blackout necessary. Scare event necessary. Sky Event. Everyone will receive the Presidential Alert. Not everyone will know what to do. You will. Act with honor, integrity, faith, and love for our great Country. For God & Country.



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  • These are really some great replies from all of you and Im so happy you left them here. It makes it much more cozy to hear from others dont you think?

    People complain they feel so alone because all their friends have turned their back on them. They wish all the time they had someone of like mind to talk with.

    Well, here ya go! This is the place to find your people!!! I can do some more with this site, but I dont bother because nobody has really participated to warrant doing anything more. Keep becoming a part of this little family and we will have all kinds of fun little things to do!!!

    Thank you and BIG HUGS for ALL of you!

    • Amen!!  Sister!!  We can become a family that CARES about each other!!  In NYS the hairdressers were finally allowed to open this month!!!  I was discussing with mine yest. how this whole C-V Thing has been more political than anything else!!  Sure didn't compare, AT ALL, with the plague after WW I....a lot of people don't even know ANYONE who has been sick, so this mask thing is simply a Mind Control Gadget making us think something is wrong.  We can't let The Controllers keep us apart.

      Just received a flyer from Colgate Univ. stating that the Pres. will abide by what is set out by our Gov. & health dept.  Good, Gawd!!!  Our Gov. is a crook & if any of you know about Catherine A. Fitts....SHE can tell you what this guy is like, as he was one who vehemently opposed her when she worked at HUD trying to expose the corruption there!!!

      I laughed when the Pres of Bulgaria told his people to take two shots of Vodka everyday & get on with life!!   This lets you know it IS a political op trying to get control of every aspect of our lives!!  THE PARTY'S OVER!!!  The Fat Lady has sung!!!  Let's take back our Inalienable Rights!!

      It's also time to recognize that the Smart Phones are a part of the Control Op.  They would not be able to track us so easily if we got rid of those!  Thru' Huawei they have been able to collect personal data & that is why it was kicked out of here!!  The Chinese would have been able to control the entire WORLD, if they weren't stopped!!

      CYRUS A. PARSA is The Man when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.  He studied some 120 Ch. Co's & reached his conclusions which you can read in his book:  "Artificial Intelligence  Dangers to Humanity!!  His website is:  The A.I.  He's like an O.T. Prophet trying to wake the Human Race up to the fact that we are on the cusp of losing our Humanity altogether if we don't stop this runaway train!!  Once we all allow ourselves to be chipped....It's Over for the Human Race....we all become "controllable".

      The one way ALL of us can help is by spreading the danger we are facing; to be a light in our own little Social Circles is a great contribution to keeping the Human Race....well, Human!!!

  • Yig, Im just another "old lady" trying to discern what I could do to help.....I'm retired trauma nurse, so there's that avenue I suppose. I had some medical issues alot like yours so Im thinking behind the scenes is probably better than right out here in front, but I will do  whatever I'm asked to do. I have looked at all that's going on right now and for the past years and what the Bible says will be happening. I feel blessed that I am here in times such as these. I think we are exactly in the place we are suppose to be in these days. Not by coincidence but by design!

    • I would say each of us can be a "light" in the little corner where we live!!  A for in- stance.....the other day I was in the P.O. & heard a voice behind was the electrician I had used for odd jobs a few years back....with a mask on, of course!  I refuse to wear I said to him, "Are you afraid to give me a hug?!"  He hesitated for a moment & then gave me a big 'ol hug!!

      I would say we have to break down the Mind Control System that has been imposed upon us!!  At age 75, I can attest to the fact that we have been raised to be obedient little Sheep & follow along.  Why are we still wearing masks when there is no longer any real need to???  Has a law been passed to say we MUST wear them???  

      Think about it.....These Controllers killed a President in 1963, then they pulled off the Sept. '01 event....Why should we allow them to tell us how to live our lives & strip away our freedoms???

      By the way, I LOVE your Rosie the Riviter pic!!  Younger people would not even know what that meant!!!

  • Well, for sure I am not a helper.   Still, if asked, I'll do what I can.  Hopefully, anything asked will be in my skill set (hammers and nails, mathematics, trend spotter, accordion appreciator, attempting humility.. blah blah blah.)    Honestly, what could I really offer?

    Be Well

    • Encouragement....if nothing else, offer encouragement. That is going to be a badly needed commodity. 

  •  From my own limited experience, I have found out "they" follow what "we" are doing!!  Awhile back when I kept posting about The Children, I received an odd phone call.  Since I never answer calls whose number I do not recognize...I listened to the message left & it said something to the effect of..."What you are posting is not helpful".

    The next day another message was left giving me a number to call as my Health Ins. Co. needed to discuss my meds with me???  Of course, I did not call the number & I never got another call from my "Ins. Co."   

    Apparently, I was bringing too much attention about what was going on with The Children.....but I have NO CLUE which "side" these calls were from!!!  I DO think that is the mechanism which might help The Public wake up....this generational slavery thing going on underneath our feet.   Most "normies" will find it difficult to even BELIEVE what has been happening....but when the full extent of the evil hits home....THAT might be what wakes people up.

    Some of you might be aware of CYRUS A. PARSA.  He is like an O.T. Prophet warning The People about the dangers to Humanity of A.I.  The Human Race, itself, appears to be on the cusp of a cliff in this regard....each of us has to make a decision as to which road we will take! 

    I DO feel that when the Moment of Decision arrives we will be given "guidance" & if we go with what we know to be The Good....our future will be Glorious!!  We only inhabit these "meatsuits" for a short time & apparently, we chose to come here & play our little parts in this Big Game.  

    The curious thing spite of all that is happening, I have been given a sense of total Peace, knowing this war is going on in many dimensions!  Cyrus keeps pointing out that we must expose the human rights violations that have been going on in China, that we have been complicit with.  If we do that....he says the Dark Force that is behind the CCP will dissapate & fade away.  That is the way he explains it, but I sense there are things he cannot even talk about.  

    May we all remain true to what we know to be Right & Good!!!  

    • Me 2 - what you wrote: " a sense of total Peace, knowing this war is going on in many dimensions!"


  • Awesome, relevant, essential, Yig.


    Thank you!



  • I think it depends on how it would affect my children.  However if Q and Q+ watch me, they should already know I'm a loving mother and wouldn't do anything to put my children in harm's way.  I'd live to be a Q helper.  I already don't feel like I contribute enough.  Retweets, shares,  likes,  stickers on the back of my truck is about all I have done, and had time for.  

This reply was deleted.

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