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Yig Chats with Clint Eastman

Normally when I make new videos I just drop them into the video category and figure you will find them or you wont! Not a real science to that. Some of you also know when I think I have a extra special one I do give it its own article to showcase it because I think it should be seen.

Today is on of those days. I was extremely lucky to get a chance to do a one on one on my Friday Night Live Show with a fascinating gentleman named Clint Eastman. He is a former 3 letter alphabet agency employee and he knows things. Certainly more than the average bear.

I did my best to cover as many topics as I possibly could and even got a couple extra in just from the way the conversation was flowing. I only had an hour to do it and I think I did pretty well! There is bound to be at least a couple topics you will find interest in. IF you listen real closely to how he answers my questions, you will learn things. "Listening" is Key. Remember his former job.

I broke the chat into 2 parts which I have posted below. I hope we get some lively comments and conversation out these after you view them! Don't be shy to comment and if you have some more questions for him, I will make note of them. Im sure we will be chatting again soon :)



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  • Got to listen to these today!!  Interesting how he kind of talks "around" things!  Won't it be nice when the New Order of Things is brought in & nobody has to be careful of what they say?!!

    I've only been "awake" for about 7 years now, but have been trying to learn all that I can!!  I think it helps to realize that we have been lied to since the moment of our birth; our parents only taught us what they knew right?!

    Our Controllers made sure we remained "dumbed down" to where we were easily controllable.  The best slave is he who doesn't realize he is a slave!!  Big joke, right?!  I was interested to see how Clint kind of slipped around the issue of whether the our Earth is round or flat!

    Does it really matter???  Only in the sense that it might wake us up to the fact of just HOW MUCH we have been lied to!!  I recently listened to a 3 hr. Phil Godlewski(?) video on the Flat Earth subject....highly reccomended if anyone is interested in really exploring the subject!

    For thousands of years we have had no idea what has been going on right beneath our feet.....let alone, as Clint pointed out, what has been going on in our oceans.  If you have a private submarine it might be possible to  explore areas that are quite forbidden to us!  We might learn something they don't want us to know!!

    Adm. Richard Byrd had to go to his grave keeping a secret the Military Ind. Complex didn't want made known.  In 1956 he made a flight from Antarctica 2,300 mi. into areas not expolored by man yet.  Seems there is more  land area on our planet than we are allowed to know about!

    Recently I stumbled across a video channel that is quite enlightening called "Divergent".  This man is bringing to light many things we have not been aware of.  Roger Spurr of Mudfossil Univ. is also bringing us his particular take on things he has found that our mainstream science doesn't want us to know about!  

    Sadly, "Religion" has been one of the best tools of our Controllers for keeping us "dumbed down" & obedient.  Each of us is a  Spark off the Eternal Flame & we have within us the ability to break free of these chains of Darkness that have been imposed upon us!!  

    • Great reply Loxie!

      Clint has to talk like that because a lot of things are still classified so he has to talk around them. IF he goes silent then its a real no no or, you have hit the nail on the head but he cant say a thing about. Considering he answered almost everything I think we did pretty well considering we were also on a time limit.

      I did mention to listen closely because his talk arounds really say a lot more than they first appear to. I'll be talking to him again soon enough, but he is a very busy guy so its on his time not mine.

      Im still kind of thinking about the umm entity or whatever it is that had the powers that be in quite the tiz. Enough so that handy dandy FF occurred right on time to distract from it. Considering it was up in space I highly doubt it just disappeared for convenience since a FF happened. So where is it now and what is it doing???

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